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Major League Blueberries (MLB) was founded in 2015 and is nestled in Coffee County near the small town of Nicholls, GA. Managing partners Jeff Francoeur and Malcolm McCoy have years of experience in establishing, managing, and leading blueberry farming operations and have incorporated the leading global ‘best practices’ into the design of MLB Farms, resulting in a truly differentiated blueberry enterprise.

MLB farms is one of the largest organic blueberry farms in the United States and are proud to be Certified Organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Their vision is to become the preeminent highbush blueberry farm in America while making significant and measurable contribution to the nutritional health and well-being of the American public.

Differentiation is embedded in every aspect of their farm, starting with their soil. Using the best and richest soils to grow large, lush, and high-quality blueberries, they develop healthy plants by carefully managing their  harvesting and packing processes.

Founded: 2015

Commodity Grown:
  • organic blueberries


Highbush varieties

Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Organic Clamshell Organic