Gant Lake Farms - Wish Farms

John Drawdy and his sister, Kelly Pearce, began farming organic blueberries in 2011. Kelly has a passion for nutrition and wellness which led to their choice of growing strictly organics. The 30 acres of blueberry rows at Gant Lake Farms are all lined with ground cover in order to protect the plants from weeds. John and his sister are both hands-on in the day-to-day farm operations. Each day, they are testing & checking plants, taking soil samples, managing the water supply and more. John truly enjoys the farm action as he says, “I’d just rather be outside. It’s peaceful and the job is rewarding.” Outside of blueberry farming, John raises cattle and coaches community kids baseball and soccer.

Founded: 2011

Commodity Grown:
  • organic blueberries


Emeralds, Primadonna, Jewels, Meadowlark, Springhigh

Community & Charity:

Coaching kids baseball and soccer.

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