Family Growers - Wish Farms

Family Growers started off in 2004 in a small orchard in the city of Linares. Considering that their partnership consists of a pair of brothers and friends, “Family” is what they are all about.

After some years operating at third party facilities, they are now proud to be working in their  own packing house and offices south of the city of Linares. Their facilities use the best technologies available for cooling and they strive to be environmentally friendly by using energy efficient practices.

Partnering with Wish Farms is an ideal fit for our farm operation.  We love being a place where you are a part of the family

Founded: 2004

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional blueberries


Southern Highbush Varieties: Emerald, Jewel, Rebel, San Joaquin, Snow Chaser, Sweet Crisp

Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Clamshell Conventional