Ferris Farms - Wish Farms

Ferris Farms has been in operation for over 75 years! They are one of our oldest growers in our family of Wish Farms growers and has been providing some of the best fruit you have ever tasted for decades.  Originally as a citrus grower, Ferris Farms branched out and successfully provided yummy strawberries and blueberries!

“Although we are a fairly large company, we keep it as small and down to earth as possible. Local and homegrown produce is important to us and making families across the nation smile is our goal!”

Founded: 1972

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional strawberries
  • conventional blueberries


Sweet Sensation, Radiance & Southern Highbush, Jewel, Emerald, Kestrel, Meadowlark

Community & Charity:

Every year, Ferris Farms participates in “Heritage Day,” an event that brings the community together at the Ferris Farms produce stand, complete with fresh citrus, strawberry jam, milkshakes, pie, shortcake and hay rides!

Image of Wish Farms Strawberry Clamshell Conventional
Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Clamshell Conventional