100 Years of Sweetness - Wish Farms

Our Story

When Harris Wishnatzki arrived on Ellis Island in 1904, he couldn’t have imagined what his legacy would be in 100 years’ time. As an immigrant pushcart peddler, he didn’t have that luxury. Harris was focused on working hard to provide for his family. He had a simple belief: If you do things the right way and follow the golden rule, you will be a success. With this as his guiding light, Harris realized his American dream, and set the wheels in motion for what is today, a multi-generational, year-round berry company. His values are at the heart of what Wish Farms lives by every day.

Our Label’s Through the Years

Generations of Sweetness

In honor of our 100th year as a company, owner Gary Wishnatzki published a book with all of the stories he has collected from family and over his 48 years in the berry business. The book is a compelling family saga that takes the reader from streets of 1900’s New York to the strawberry fields of Florida and the battlefields of World War II Europe. Along the way, you’ll meet colorful characters galore, not the least of which is Gary’s dad, the larger-than-life figure known as “Strawberry Joe”.

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100 Years of Giving

Supporting our community and those in need have been engrained in the company culture since our founding. Wish Farms and its family of growers are dedicated to making a difference. With a mission to help children and families in need, we envision an America with no hunger, education for all, and strong community ties. To honor Harris and his legacy of kindness and giving, the Wishnatzki family formed the Wish Farms Family Foundation. It is up to all of us to make the world a better place.

100 Years of Growing Happiness

Together with our grower partners, Wish Farms delivers berries to millions of households across the country. These long-lasting relationships have been cultivated over many decades and generations with our farming community. What starts as a simple handshake understanding, evolves into an enduring partnership and aligned passion to provide the best tasting berries for you and your family to enjoy.

Wish Farms: The Next 100

As we grow and thrive as a company, nothing pays more dividends than investing in our hard-working employees and an eye to the future. With our move into a new and picturesque state of the art campus in 2021, we finally found our forever home. Most importantly, we are planting our roots firmly in Plant City, FL: the town where we found our footing as a berry grower. Our connection goes back to the early days on the old State Farmers Market. We relish in this rich legacy and look to sweet days ahead in the “Winter Strawberry Capital of the World”.