Maddox Farms - Wish Farms

Gerald Maddox began growing blueberries in 2003 but, his farming history began well before that. Gerald’s father grew peppers for Wish Farms beginning in the late 1950s and the Maddox family has continued the relationship ever since. In 2003, Gerald was growing conventional blueberries however, beginning in 2013, he decided to transition to organic crop only. Gerald takes pride in his work and his efforts to better the environment while growing organic blueberries. He constantly monitors the moisture of his plants so that they are able to conserve water.

“We work hard around the clock to provide the best quality produce for our customers…That’s why we say our hobby is blueberries! We eat, sleep and breathe them!”

Founded: 2003

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional blueberries
  • organic blueberries


Emeralds, Primadonna, Windsors


Maddox Farms just loves growing blueberries for all their customers!

Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Clamshell Conventional
Image of Wish Farms Blueberry Organic Clamshell Organic