Strawberry Festival's 80th Anniversary - Wish Farms

Strawberry Festival’s 80th Anniversary


This year was a very special year for the Strawberry Festival. This year marked the 80th anniversary of this community tradition and people came from all around the United States to experience all that this event had to offer. We even met some visitors from Canada!


Happy Birthday Strawberry Festival!


We can all say with out a doubt, this years Strawberry Festival was a huge success! It seems the festival raises the bar each year with better food combinations (mixed in with the traditional favorites) rides, and headline entertainment at the Wish Farms Soundstage! John Legend and REBA being a few of the crowd favorites.

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Now it wouldn’t be the Strawberry Festival without strawberry themed rides now would it? Similar to the teacup rides at Disney World, these dizzy Strawberries were a huge hit for the little thrill seekers attending the festival!


Wish Farms of course sold our famous fresh strawberries at the festival with our specialty packs! Freshly picked every morning with multiple deliveries a day to ensure freshness! Everyone loved them!


REBA was definitely one of the crowd favorites. Fans flocked from all over the state and U.S to watch the show! 2o minutes before showtime the show actually sold out!Reba-At-The-Florida-Strawberry-Festival-2015-Photo-By-Shani-Valencia-064

The festival always has been  a place to bring the family together, remind us how it feels to be a kid again and to celebrate love in all it’s glory!

Erica and Shane, Winners of John Legend tickets said attending this particular show was very special to them. Not only did the date of the concert mark their 1 year anniversary, but John Legend’s “All of Me” was their wedding song. How romantic! Thank you Erica and Shane for sharing your story with us! Wishing you many more happy anniversaries in the future!