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4 SIMPLE Steps to Freeze Strawberries!

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So it happens to the best of us….we buy WAY to many berries for us to eat fresh.

In order to not have them get bad and waste tons of $$$ we decide to freeze them.

When we finally full them out of the freezer for our morning smoothie or recipe we are stuck…waiting..thawing..ripping apart the huge glob of berries that you froze all together.

What a pain!

Not to worry, Wish Farms has got you covered with a fool proof way to ensure your strawberries (or any other fruit for that matter) will be preserved, separated to your liking, and still delicious by the time you’re done!



1. Rinse your berries!

2. Cut the leaves off the tops.

3. Place your berries separately on a cookie sheet so the can freeze individually.

4. Bag them in your own portion bags and label with the freezing date to ensure freshness!

(Don’t we wish everything else was in life was this easy?)