Easy Strawberry Santa Hat Cake Bites - Wish Farms
Wish Farms Easy Strawberry Hat Cakes -No Bake!

Easy Strawberry Santa Hat Cake Bites

10 minutes
8 Cakes

These Santa hat cake bites are not only adorable but also quick and easy to make, making them a perfect addition to your holiday dessert spread.


  • Store-Bought Vanilla Cake (or flavor of your choosing)
  • Wish Farms fresh Strawberries, one for each cake bite
  • Whipped cream or frosting of your choice
  • Champagne flute or  circle cookie cutter cookie cutter
  • Toothpicks
  • Piping bag (optional)


  1. Wash and fully dry the Wish Farms Strawberries.
  2. Carefully remove the cake from its packaging and place it on a clean, flat surface. If it has any undesired colored frosting or sprinkles, use a flat knife to scrape them off of the cake.
  3. Using a champagne flute or cookie cutter, cut the cake into circular shapes. Remove any excess cake around the edges.
  4. Cut the tops off of each strawberry to create a flat surface.
  5. Add a small dollop of whipped cream or frosting on top of the cake bite and place the strawberry flat side down in the center of the cake.
  6. Insert a toothpick through the strawberry and into the cake beneath it to ensure the strawberry stays in place.
  7. Optionally, use a piping bag to add a small amount of whipped cream or frosting around the base of the strawberry, and on the tip of the strawberry, to ressemble the fluffy trim of Santa’s hat.
  8. Repeat the process for each cake bite, and arrange the Santa hat cake bites on a platter to serve them at your holiday gathering.