Berry Sweet Valentines Day Brunch Board | Wish Farms
Pineberry Strawberry Valentines Brunch Board

Berry Sweet Valentine’s Day Brunch Board

15 Minutes

A festive and sweet spread perfect for Valentine’s Day brunch. Created by Chef Emily Ellyn and featured on Good Day Tampa Bay with Charley Belcher.

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  • Gather all of your desired ingredients. What we’ve used are simply suggestions, feel free to grab your seasonal favorites.
  • Wash and pat dry Wish Farms strawberries and pineberries.
  • Whip together our Strawberry & Pineberry Valentine’s Cream Cheese Spread and make some waffles – you can stir up some batter and pop them into a heart-shaped waffle maker like we did, or just grab your favorite frozen waffles and toast them up.
  • Follow the recipe for our Strawberry & Pineberry jam if you want a delicious homemade spread. Store-bought can be substituted if time is tight!
  • Assemble all ingredients on a tray using small dishes for the spread and jam.
  • Add some fun garnishes, like fresh flowers or conversation heart candies.
  • Share with your valentines or galentines!