Misty’s Story

Misty the Garden Pixie lives in the Land of Plants. With her pixie magic, there are wishes she grants.

She lives in Plant City, a nice little town. Misty has hair that is strawberry blonde.

Some pixies, like Misty, have the power to make things sweet, like berries and fruit that we all like to eat.

Misty loves her job at the berry patch, With a wave of her wand, there’s not a bad batch.

A little pinch here and a little dash there, Misty’s pixie dust goes everywhere!

Want to Learn more about Misty?

Misty the Garden Pixie is a children's story about Misty and her adventures around the farm


What is Misty’s job on the farms?
Misty’s position at Wish Farms is to magically enhance the sweetness of the berries.

What are Misty’s favorite hobbies?
She likes to spend time on the farm, looking over the berries. She also enjoys wand waving, twirling, and smiling.

What is Misty’s favorite food?
Strawberries and blueberries of course!

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