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Tell Your Story

Several months ago our Wish Farms’ Forward Thinking Team contemplated the question: What is Wish Farms’ reason for being?  After much discussion and several attempts at word-smithing our statement of purpose, this is what we decided on:

Provide value to our stakeholders through our commitment to quality, service, sustainability, innovation and strengthening the Wish Farms brand.

Stakeholders are defined as employees, growers, customers, consumers and suppliers.

I believe that we currently have a strong brand; however, we have only just begun to tap into its potential.  I have a vision that Wish Farms’ Misty the Garden Pixie brand will one day be the most recognized brand in the produce department.  It sounds a little outlandish when you think about the successes of other produce brands like Dole, Del Monte, Chiquita and Sunkist.  Make no mistake about it; we have a long way to go to catch up.

I was inspired on August 1st when I heard Gair Maxwell speak and present “THE BRANDING HIGHWAY: HOW TO GET MORE MILEAGE FOR YOUR MARKETING DOLLAR”

His message is rather simple in concept, but not so simple to execute.  Brands like Starbucks, Apple and Southwest Airlines don’t just have satisfied customers, they have loyal customers.  They have succeeded in making an emotional connection to their consumers.  That is what we should aspire to do.

One of the big take-aways I got from Maxwell’s presentation is to tell your story.  We have a lot of great stories to tell.  I look forward to using this new blog forum as an outlet for telling my family’s story and better connecting to the people that enjoy our fresh produce.

Wish Farms is headed toward great things.

Gary Wishnatzki

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