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FreshQC And Food Safety & Traceability

Imagine a world where you knew where every piece of produce you ate or provided for your family came from? A world where you could find information about not only what state and town, but what field and even who picked the piece of fruit or vegetable that you were consuming? Can you imagine how much safer you’d feel about the food you ate?

The great news is, that world exists today! And here at Wish Farms we are helping to make it a reality not just for the produce that comes from our farms, but those nationwide. Our FreshQC™ How’s My Picking?™ produce traceability software is changing the way farmers grow and consumers think about fresh produce.

How’s My Picking?™ provides traceability of produce from each individual package to the picker in the field. Data includes information about grower, field, picker, time of harvest, variety, even planting date and nursery source. This level of accuracy is necessary and important when tracking down health and safety issues, as well as preventing new ones. How’s My Picking?™ helps the growers quickly isolate and identify any potential issue and therefore quickly resolve any problems. This means better produce and higher safety for consumers and increased productivity and quality for growers. This is definitely a win-win.

The best part is that How’s My Picking?™ allows you, as a consumer, to take a hands-on role in making the food supply better for everyone. With How’s My Picking?™ you can provide feedback to us and our growers and pickers about the quality of the produce you buy and eat. We take pride in our work (and that means everyone in the Wish Farms family, our growers, pickers, you name it!) and want to know what you think ofour crops. Your feedback helps us to continue  producing the tastiest, freshest and healthiest produce for you and your family.

We developed FreshQC™ How’s My Picking?™ in response to the Global Food Safety Initiative, also referred to as the GFSI. The Global Food Safety Initiative is a business-driven initiative focused on the continuous improvement of food safety and the systems in place to both regulate and manage. The GFSI’s overarching goal is to ensure that consumers worldwide can be confident in the food products they are buying and consuming.

We keep working to make the world a safer, healthier and tastier place for you and your family. We believe  How’s My Picking?™can play a big role in that. So go ahead, tell us what you think!

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