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Wish Farms Breakfast Bento by Ninja Baking

We just love Kim Watkinson of NinjaBaking.com! With every amazing, delicious creation…comes a story along with it!

Take a peek below for her description of her newest bento creation…the Breakfast Bento!


A healthy combo of fresh fruit doughnuts and a hardboiled egg make this the perfect little to-go breakfast item!


Wish Farms Breakfast Bento

By: Kim Watkinson, The Ninja Baker, NinjaBaking.com

Japanese bento boxes are traditionally packed with lunch goodies.

But with many of us juggle must-dos the moment our eyes flutter open. A to-go breakfast bento delivers a scrumptious and healthy solution to the morning rush. The bento box can be made the night before. Hard-boiled eggs are protein-packed. Even the pickiest eater will find chick-faced eggs palatable. (I make mine with sesame seed eyes and a triangle carrot beak.) Fresh strawberries and blueberries sweetened donuts nestled atop more Wish Farms strawberries and blueberries is a guaranteed smile. The breakfast bento will energize your loved ones whether negotiating a crucial deal or navigating through show-and-tell. The breakfast bento beats a processed sweet bun in a plastic package from a vending machine, right?






















While the breakfast bento may be the ultimate a.m. nutrition. The protein-fresh fruit combo bento box can also serve as a pick-me-up after your child’s soccer game or ballet lesson. Or as a healthy alternative for the 4 p.m. slump for working adults.

















Take a look at Misty, the Wish Farms Garden Pixie What do you think keeps her flitting about so cheerfully? Why strawberries and blueberries! You can bet she doesn’t miss her morning fruit. I wonder if she’ll start taking strawberries and blueberries to go in a breakfast bento.

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