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Top 5 Healthy Snacks of the Summer!


Summertime is moving on in! So are all the cringe worthy swim suit opportunities that we always seem to pass by.


This summer…you are going to eat healthier, live a fit lifestyle and take any and every swim suit opportunity that you possibly can!

Food is your friend. Use it to fuel your body, boost your mood, raise  your metabolism, and get you back into that bikini!

Be brave girls…Wish Farms has got your back!

Here are our top 5 healthy and satisfying snacks for the summer!


1. Zucchini Pizza Bites-  A Few Shortcuts @afewshortcuts

So you don’t like veggies? big deal! This snack is one of our favorites! With such a mild tasting veggie like the zucchini, all you will be tasting is the cheesy goodness of one of your favorite vices.


Get the Full Recipe Here! 


2. Frozen Yogurt Covered Fruits- Cali Green Mama

Need a little ‘sweet fix’ without spoiling your diet? Here is a wonderful alternative for those little cravings we all get!

Get the Full Recipe Here!


3. Mango Fruit Roll Ups-  Just a Taste  @justataste

Remember those fruit roll ups we used to get in our lunch boxes? Well….it’s a sad realization that they are filled with artificial flavors and empty calories. Here’s a healthier solution to get that same great snack we all know and love…with all the nutrients of REAL fruit!

Get the Full Recipe Here!


4. Skinny Banana Cookies- Six Sisters’ Stuff @SixSistersStuff

Who wants to stay “skinny” (Fit)? Who wants Sweets? and who wants the EASIEST COOKIE RECIPE ON EARTH?

Yeah…we all do…With only 3 ingredients this recipe is nothing short of a home run.

Get the Full Recipe Here!


5.  Apple Pops-  Craftberry Bush @craftberrybush

This recipe is the PERFECT alternative to the ever so popular…cake pops!

Make a little apple pop bar or just add your favorite flavor.

 Get the Full Recipe Here!

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