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Slice & Bake Cookies Cookbook

Elinor Wishnatzki Klivans is our owner, Gary Wishnatzki’s First Cousin. As a young girl who’s father was apart of the produce business, her family always had an abundance of fresh fruit for strawberry shortcakes.

This was the start of something beautifully sweet! After receiving her degree in English and Education from the University of South Florida she decided to try out her true passion…cooking! Elinor was a cooking teacher, demonstrations cook, and a bakery consultant and it wasn’t long before she decided to write her own cookbooks!

Her newest book on sale now: Slice & Bake Cookies: Fast Recipes From your Refrigerator or Freezer is her best book yet!


This book contains over 50 recipes for cookies and sweet treats that are easy and storable for whenever a sweet-craving strikes! From Strawberry & Toasted Coconut Thumbprint cookies to Raisin-Filled Cinnamon Cookies you’re bound to find any recipe to suit your fancy!

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