Strawberry Mimosa | Wish Farms
Bubbly Strawberry Mimosa's from Wish Farms

Strawberry Mimosa

5 minutes

A festive brunch cocktail perfect for Valentine’s Day. Created by Chef Emily Ellyn and featured on Good Day Tampa Bay with Charley Belcher.

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  • Wish Farms strawberries & pineberries for garnishing
  • Our Strawberry & Pineberry Jam
  • Champagne or prosecco of your choice
  • Cocktail skewers & roses for garnishing


  • Wash and pat dry a few Wish Farms strawberries and pineberries.
  • Grab the glass of your choice and fill with your bubbly champagne or prosecco.
  • Using a spoon, grab a dollop of strawberry jam and stir into the bubbly until incorporated.
  • Add a heart-shaped strawberry or pineberry and a rose to your cocktail skewer and place on the side of your strawberry mimosa. Cheers!