Introducing The Pixie Post - Wish Farms

Introducing The Pixie Post

What’s New In Store –

Hi everyone & welcome to the first official blog entry from The Pixie Post!

We commemorate this day with the launch of our new (and improved) Wish Farms website!  This new site has been a summer long project for our marketing crew and our wonderful friends at Webhead Interactive.

We invite you to have a look around and explore the new features on our site.  Here are a few highlights we think you’ll enjoy…



  • Where We Grow – Do you ever wonder where the freshest and tastiest berries are grown and when they are in season?  Be sure to check out our regional growing map to learn more about where our produce is harvested.
  • Our Growers – Meet the people who dedicate their time to harvest the best fruit for you –the superior quality and great taste you deserve!
  • How’s My Picking? ™ – Here’s a chance to tell our growers exactly what you think about their produce.  See how we directly connect you to our farms!



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