Good Morning America at Wish Farms - Wish Farms

Good Morning America at Wish Farms

We started our day with Good Morning America!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, GMA kicked off a search for the country’s best pie with their United States of Pie competition. Stop #1 was Tampa Bay, where Mike and Luke Martin of Mike’s Pies, Inc. competed against Christina Theofilos of Psomi Bakery right in our own backyard. It was a blast hosting the first pie face-off at our headquarters in Plant City.

Check out the segment! Gio Benitez hosts while Titus O’Neil WWE Gobal Ambassador, Joe Carballo from The Joe Show on 933flz, and Tyler Glasnow with the Tampa Bay Rays judge. Will Mike’s key lime pie or the spiced apple Bougatsa pie from Psomi Bakery be victorious?!