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Berry Care 101

There are several Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to caring for and storing strawberries that are important in keeping them fresh and lasting as long as possible.

1. Always keep your berries in the refrigerator

After berries are picked, they are immediately put into a cooler and from then, until you purchase them at the store, they are kept refrigerated.  Not refrigerating your berries will speed up the process in which they break down and you will start to notice quicker bruising and decay.  This is why we also recommend always purchasing berries from a refrigerated display case at your grocery store.

2. Always rinse, but never pre-wash

As with all fresh fruit and vegetables, it is best for you to wash berries in cool water just before you are about to enjoy them.  Berries are delicate fruit and do not require scrubbing as say, a potato would. If berries are washed too far in advanced they begin to breakdown.  Because berries are grown in a field – there could be sand or dirt or possibly leaves from the plant, so it is always best to do a quick rinse before eating them.

3. Best Way to Freeze Berries

We recommend eating fresh berries within a week of purchasing them, so if you decide to freeze them, here’s what to do – This is the only instance where you should wash your berries before enjoying them.  We recommend washing and thoroughly drying your berries.  Slice off the stem and either leave the berry whole or slice in half.  Place on a cookie sheet, so they freeze individually and avoid clumping, before placing them in a freezer safe container or bag.


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