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A New Twist on Strawberries & Cream

A new twist on Strawberries & Cream: Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs @wishfarms
A new twist on Strawberries & Cream: Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs


When brainstorming recipe ideas for a post this week we really wanted to make a strawberry dessert that was simple and tasty.  Strawberries and cream is a go-to combo that doesn’t require a fancy recipe to follow.

If you Google the word ‘strawberries’ I bet one of the first 4 drop down phrases that appears is ‘strawberries and cream.’  Well we figured, why not feature this combo but put a new twist on it!

Strawberries & Cream:  Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs


Here’s what you will need:


 Start by rinsing your Wish Farms strawberries and pat dry then cut the tops off.

@wishfarms fresh Florida strawberries@wishfarms fresh Florida strawberries

Next place the cut strawberries in a bowl and pour the Kahlua Mocha over top then set aside to marinate.

@wishfarms fresh strawberries and Kahlua Mocha

As your strawberries are soaking up all the Kahlua Mocha goodness you can start on whipping the cream.  Pour the cream in a bowl and with a handmixer start whipping.  After about a minute you can stop mixing and add the confectioner sugar.  Start with 2 tablespoons.  If you choose to add more start slowly to meet desired sweetness.  Confectioners sugar is lighter and will disolve better.

@wishfarms adding sugar to whipping cream for Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs

Continue whipping the cream until it peaks.  This should take approximately 5 to 6 minutes.  Be sure to not overwhip or the cream will loose its elasticity.

@wishfarms whipping cream for Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs

And now it’s time to assemble your berry bobs!  Start with sliding a Kahlua Mocha infused strawberry onto a medium sized skewer.  Then scoop a spoon full of whipped cream mixture on top of the berry followed by another berry and a second scoop of whipped cream.  If there is room, top with one more strawberry.  The cream needs to be cold during this process so it is malleable.

It can get a little messy to form the whipping cream around the skewer.  If worse comes to worse just scoop the Kahlua Mocha strawberries in a bowl, top with whipped cream and eat with a spoon.  Finally drizzle chocolate syrup on top of your berry bobs for a finishing touch.

@wishfarms A New Twist on Strawberries & Cream: Kahlua Cream Berry Bobs


If all else fails remember:  CUT- WHIP – POUR – STACK – ENJOY!!

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