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A Big Berry Boost for your Immunity

Amidst the frightening news that we hear every day, there is a bright ray of sunshine that we can report on. It comes in the form of berry! You already knew that berries are good for your overall health, but did you know they can specifically boost your immune system? In the fight against Covid-19, you should give your body the best chance to fight back.

Strawberries, raspberries and blackberries are full of vitamin c and antioxidants. But blueberries actually pack the biggest punch of all four.

Blueberries have something called flavonoids, which help the body resist pathogens, especially those that target respiratory function. One of the flavonoids that toughen up this very important part of our bodies, is called Anthocyanin, which is the pigment that gives blueberries their beautiful color.

Of course, we should all practice good hygiene, social distancing and not touching our face. However, it can’t hurt to add one more tool to our toolbox as we hit back against this virus. It also doesn’t hurt that the berries taste good too. From all of us at Wish Farms, stay safe and healthy out there.