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A Berry That Stands Out in the Crowd

Is that a Strawberry?!

You might notice something new and exotic as you browse the produce aisle at your local grocery store. Is that a strawberry? Did they pick it too early? How did they make it white? Is it painted or dyed? No, it’s nothing strange like that….they are similar to red strawberries, but different. Like all of our berries, Pink-A-Boo® Pineberries are non-GMO, and grown naturally at the farm.

Introducing Pink-A-Boo® Pineberries

We call them Pink-A-Boo® Pineberries for their light pink blush that peeks through when they’re ripe. They are in season and available year-round, courtesy of Wish Farms. This new variety was developed at the University of Florida, the world’s premier strawberry researchers and developers. The berry gets its unique color because it lacks the naturally occurring flavonoid compound called Anthocyanin. You might say it is an albino berry!

University breeders crossed a Japanese white strawberry with a Florida red strawberry. Not only does this give it its white color, but it also gives the Pink-A-Boo® the characteristics it needs to thrive in the tough Florida climate.

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