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Graciously Grown Farms was established in 2019. Upon retirement from a rewarding career in Medical Device & Diagnostics, Greg Prine realized he had an opportunity to build a commercially viable specialty crops business on the family farm. His family’s mission is to produce vintage specialty crops while graciously giving back to their community.

Greg and his wife decided to start with Satsuma (Citrus) and Blackberries. They completed their first successful commercial harvest in July 2020. They are currently growing two varieties of Blackberries, Ouachita and Ponca, both from the University of Arkansas breeding program. Many ideas for expansion are in the works, so stay tuned for more to come from Graciously Grown Farms!

Founded: 2019

Commodity Grown:
  • conventional blackberries


Ouachita and Ponca

Community & Charity:

They have an annual partnership with Society of St. Andrews Hunger Relief and Second Harvest of South Georgia. In 2022, they donated 9,000 pounds of satsumas which fed almost 900 families.


Coaching his kids wrestling, hunting, fishing, hiking and traveling with family.

Image of Wish Farms Blackberry Clamshell Conventional