Wish Farms Supports United Food Bank Plant City to Feed Students this Summer - Wish Farms

Wish Farms Supports United Food Bank Plant City to Feed Students this Summer

The National School Lunch Program provides students with free or reduced-cost breakfast and lunch at their respective schools ensuring that every child has access to these two crucial meals each day. So what happens when school is out? Every weekend, every holiday, and each summer these same students are at risk.

The United Food Bank of Plant City (UFBPC) established their Children Nutrition Outreach Program was to supplement school’s food programs and combat food insecurity for these at-risk children, providing access to free and nutritious meals even when school is not in session. Through their Weekend Backpack and Weekly Bag Programs, they have distributed over 10,000 bags to children in Plant City and the surrounding areas for these non-school days. ⁠

Each bag is filled with breakfast and lunch supplies and available weekly for each child in need

Throughout the month of June our employees had the opportunity to volunteer with UFBPC and learn more about everything they do for our community. Over the course of three days our pixie volunteers packed all of the bags for the Weekly Bag Program for the month of June. Approximately 500 bags are distributed each week for a total of 2,000 each month in the summer!

In addition to donating time, Wish Farms also donated over 20 pallets of fresh berries to be distributed to families in need at the UFBPC.

UFBPC distributes more than just non-perishable foods to families in need

UFBPC was one of the three primary beneficiaries of our inaugural PixieRock! charity concert. As a result, the Wish Farms Family Foundation had the chance to present UFBPC with an extra ~sweet~ donation. It fills our hearts to support this deserving organization who shares our passion for fighting food insecurity in the community.

UFBPC was a beneficiary of our inaugural PixieRock! fundraiser