Wish Farms donates $1,000 to Captains For Clean Water - Wish Farms

Wish Farms donates $1,000 to Captains For Clean Water

The Wish Farms Family Foundation has set aside funds to donate to our employee’s favorite charities. As part of our ongoing effort to make an impact in our community, we want to learn about the causes that our pixies care about. Each month, The Wish Farms Family Foundation reviews employee nominations and chooses a different organization to donate to. For the month of August, $1,000 was donated to Captains For Clean Water.

About Captains For Clean Water:

Captains For Clean Water is a grassroots organization that fights to restore and protect our water resources. They work to advance science-based solutions through efforts focused on awareness and education, empowering people to speak up for our water quality and hold elected officials accountable. They’ve united the outdoor industry, environmental groups, business community and concerned citizens around these important issues, and are seeing more people than ever get involved in the fight for clean water.

Jason Deis Nominated Captains for Clean Water

“As someone who enjoys going out on my boat and enjoying our state’s natural beauty, I think it is important to support this worthwhile mission to make our waterways cleaner and more sustainable.”