Who doesn't want to win $100 gift card!? - Wish Farms

Who doesn’t want to win $100 gift card!?


Wish Farms customers….WE HAVE GRANTED YOUR WISH!

Ta daaaa!*

This season we are running a special promotion for our valued customers!

How's My Picking?
How’s My Picking?


Anytime you purchase a package of our delicious Wish Farms Strawberries you will notice a bright yellow sticker on the top right hand corner. On this sticker is a 16-digit code that will track your package not only to the farm it was picked on…but the actual person that picked the strawberry in your very hand!

Use that 16-digit code to complete a SUPER QUICK & EASY survey on our site.  WWW.HOWSMYPICKING.COM

Completing the survey will enter your name in our contest to win a $100 gift card to the grocery retailer of your choice.  Winners are announced once a quarter.  Enter multiple surveys and increase your chances of winning!

What are you doing still reading this?!


We want to know what you think about our berries!


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