US News and World Report: Have You Tried Pineberries?
Wish Farms Pineberries in US News

US News and World Report Asks Their Readers – “Have You Tried Pineberries?”

In a recent US News and World Report article, nutrition expert Toby Amidor, MS, RD, CDN, FAND shares all the basics and more on the “white strawberries” popping up in grocery stores around the country.

Here’s what Toby Amidor had to say:

The pineberry variety seen here in the U.S. was developed by the University of Florida and has been branded as the Pink-A-Boo® Pineberry by our team here at Wish Farms.

  • Taste: Pineberries are less acidic than strawberries and taste like a strawberry with hints of pineapple, pear, or apricot flavor.
  • Nutrition: Pineberries are very similar to strawberries in nutritional profile.
  • Selection & Storage: Pineberries are ripe when they have a subtle blush color and red seeds. They should be stored in the refrigerator and only washed right before eating – just like a strawberry.
  • Cooking: The nutrition expert interviewed Wish Farms Marketing Director, Amber Maloney, for some tips on how to best enjoy and cook with these delicious berries. Maloney recommends eating pineberries at room temperature and enjoying them over yogurt, on your next charcuterie board, or in a delicious appetizer like this Pineberry Bruschetta from Chef Justin Timineri with Fresh From Florida.
Pineberry Bruschetta Recipe
Pineberry Bruschetta