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The Toll of Warm Weather and Disease


Despite the early problems of weather and disease that created a set back to the start of this seasons strawberry production, local growers still are optimistic of the seasons outcome. 


January 2nd, The Ledger published a story on the topic and got down to the bottom of our Florida strawberry production.

Many growers got hit with diseased berries and had to replant most of their field thus setting them back almost 4 weeks. Fortunately, Wish Farms avoided this catastrophe and luckly had no need to replant.

This however, did not stop the unusually warm weather to put a damper on strawberry production. “Strawberry plants need some cool weather to promote blooming and fruit production,” they said. “Those berries the plants did produce grew too quickly, which resulted in smaller size, pale color and less sugar content.”


I mean….who else started to panic from the title? No strawberries= NO STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE! We don’t blame you for almost having a heart attack.

Lucky for us, production is ramping up again and this dilemma will be nothing but a memory.


To read the entire article by Kevin Bouffard in the Ledger Click Here


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