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The Strawberry Moon and How to Grow Your own Strawberries


Thanks to the early Native Americans, the full moon that was present on June 2nd is called the Strawberry Moon.

Despite popular  beliefs, strawberries were a huge part of Native American life.  Not only was the strawberry used for nourishment, but the stems and leaves were used for many medicinal purposes.


But why is June in particular called the Strawberry moon? Simply put…most strawberries are picked in June!

Did you know the Native Americans created the first “Strawberry Shortcake”? They mixed the strawberries and cornmeal and baked it! It wasn’t until the colonists came when the special treat was dubbed the famous household dessert!


Luckily for you, We have all the tips and tricks to growing your own strawberries right in your backyard!


1. Purchase the berry plants now but don’t expect them to bloom till next spring.

2. Using compost or any other soil assistant, plant each about 24 inches apart with the crown of the plant just above the soil.

3.  Your plants should receive about 1 1/2 inches of water each week !


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