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The 3 Biggest Berry Mistakes that you’re Making Right Now

You go to the grocery store and load up on all your favorite berries. What do you do now? We of course already know berries are a pretty fragile fruit and  can last about 3-7 days after purchasing. What can we do to keep them yummy for as long as possible? Or maybe the question is, what are we doing right now that is shortening the fridge life of our berries?

Here are our top 3 biggest berry mistakes that you could be making right now!


Let’s start out with the most important mistake…

1. Not choosing your berries wisely

When you go grocery shopping, ensure that you are grabbing a package free of dents and mushed berries from the refrigerated section. Berries go from the field straight into the package and are transported miles and miles by a refrigerated truck. If this package is then placed in a spot where they could get too warm, the berries could get watery and mushy. Yuck! The package should also be dry and clean. Any sign of water in there is a recipe for disaster!

2. Rinsing your berries as soon as you get home

This is a big one. Many people love to take home their produce and do one full rinsing session before placing into their fridge. This simply cannot be done with berries. Berries absorb water. This means your already highly perishable berries will now have an accelerated rate of decomposition. Moldy berries, coming right up!

Instead rinse them right before eating. If you can wait, allow the berries to adjust to room temperature. This allows your berries to be much much sweeter!

3. Leaving your berries out of the fridge

Like we said before…if the cold chain is broken, your berries are going to get moldy and yuck much faster! Instead always keep your berries in your fridge. No exceptions!

3 mistakes turned tips! We want you to enjoy your berries for as long as possible! Which of these mistakes are you most guilty of?

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