Berry Grower Wish Farms Partners With Feeding America

Superhero Summer goes out with a BANG

Summertime: a season full of sunshine, vacations, and a whole lot of fun! Unfortunately, however, not everyone has this same summer experience. In fact, did you know 1 in 6 children in the US struggle with hunger? Now, imagine school is out. While everyone else celebrates, you worry because you no longer have access to the cafeteria lunch… now what?

That’s why we decided this summer should be about doing good and giving back to our communities. What better way to make a difference than to provide meals to those in need? NO ONE deserves to hungry!

In partnership with Feeding America®, our farmers and our community, we developed the “Superhero Summer” campaign, featuring our farmers as “Real-Life Superheroes; Saving the World by Feeding the World”. Each #BerrySuperhero post on our Wish Farms Instagram page called for engagements from the community. For every like, follow, and tag, Wish Farms donated an entire meal to Feeding America. Engagements skyrocketed, reaching over 1.1 million people and accumulating over 2.1 million impressions during the 2-month campaign. The social media community was determined to combine their powers for good! 25+ Instagram influencers also rallied together to push the message nationwide. The end result? 50,000 meals donated to those in need!

Our employees also decided to get hands-on with the campaign by donating their time at our local Feeding Tampa Bay distribution hub.

So, as the fall season approaches, and schools go back in session, we’d like to extend a big “THANK YOU!” to all who came to the rescue to help us make a difference this summer! Together, we were able to fight hunger.

Take a look at the campaign recap video below.