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Strawberry Processing

Strawberry Processing

More than Just Berries

Wish Farms is the largest strawberry processor and strawberry grower in the eastern US and offers high quality berry processing for several product lines.

In 2007 Wish Farms  invested in the development of a top of the line strawberry processing facility to serve the food industry.  The strawberries are harvested and transferred to our processing facility via refrigerated trucks. The berries are washed with a chlorinated solution, rinsed, inspected/sorted and then sliced or pureed then piped through a metal detector .  Finally, the puree is moved into a holding tank from which pails and drums ranging from 28 lbs to 425 lbs in size are filled.

Our processed products are manufactured in accordance with USDA Food Safety and HACCP guidelines. Some of the products we will offer during the upcoming season are detailed below:

  • Frozen non pasteurized strawberry Puree with or without seeds
  • Frozen non pasteurized strawberry slices
  • Frozen non pasteurized strawberry chunky or coarse puree
  • Products are available in conventional and organic varieties
  • Products are packaged in either 4 gal pails (28-30#) or 400# steel/lined drums
  • Sugar can be added to any product based on customer specification