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Strawberries: The Skin, Hair and Health Superfood

Organic strawberry plant

Being utterly obsessed with strawberries myself, I always end up purchasing way more than I could possibly eat.

This over-abundance of berries in my fridge has always led to disappointment. All because I simply could not find anymore time to fit another little ball of deliciousness into my mouth-I had to watch in horror…as I reluctantly tossed clamshell after clamshell into the trash.

what. a. shame.

That was until…I found this 25 Best Benefits and Uses of Strawberries for Skin, Hair and Health on!


I always knew about how healthy strawberries were for your health- but it never occurred to me how AH-MAZING strawberries can be for your skin and hair!

My extra berries will now be used to make me…uh…pretty!

Below is a list of all the amazing things this superfood can do for you. CLICK HERE to read a little more in depth.


1. Skin Cleanser

2. Improves Complexion

3. Skin Toner

4. Protection from UV Rays

5. Anti-ageing Properties

6. Treatment of Acne

7. Diminishes Under -eye Puffiness

8. Treatment of Pigmentation

9. Skin Repair

10. Effective Foot Scrub


11. Prevents Alopecia and Hair Thinning

12. Promotes Silky and Shiny Hair

13. Moisturizes your Hair

14. Fights Dandruff

15. Prevents Fungal Growth

16. Acts as an Exfoliant


17. Boosts Immunity

18. Good for Eye Health

19. Anti-Inflamitory

20. Good for Cholestorol

21. Good for Heart

22. Good for Bone Health

23. Fights Cancer

24. Good for the Skin

25. Rich in Fiber


This website also has some tips for storage and usage for the strawberries! Check it out!



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