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Strawberries: The Miracle Spot Treatment!

For anyone who has mild to moderate acne (or just a few blemishes that pop up from time to time), products available in stores can sometimes be too strong, too fragrant, too …artificial!

Wish Farms has an all natural alternative  to your regular acne spot treatment.

Using none other than…strawberries!!!!

Provided by a real esthetician, Traci Walding of the Face Place, gave us the scoop on the properties of a strawberry that powerfully dwindle the appearance of that pesky blemish!

Look at the number one ingredient on your acne treatment…what does it say?


aka- The ingredient that is doing alllll the work to get that loathsome zit off your face!

What’s amazing is that a strawberry NATURALLY has salicylic acid and can be applied directly to a blemish as a spot treatment!

Just simply mush some strawberries in a bowl and apply to your blemish; or even your entire face if you would want a mask instead!


Now…here is a bonus! For the blemishes that seem to never go away and have grown to monstrous size; add some baking soda to the mix!

The properties in the baking soda will assist in drying out the blemish!

I’ve actually done this strawberry baking soda mask trick before when I decided to throw out my acne regimen because it ended up being way too strong. I kid you not- This mask works!

whether you use it as a cleansing mask or spot treatment you will get the job done!

Say goodbye to those pesky blemishes! Ta Ta!



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