Strawberry Graduation Caps | Wish Farms Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Graduation Caps

5 minutes

Dolci Frutta has done it again! An adorable recipe for your recent grad packed with all things the “sweet” life has in store for them. Check out their site for more delicious dipped berry recipes.



  • 1 chocolate bar, cut into squares
  • 1 package fresh Wish Farms  strawberries washed, dried and tops cut
  • Dolci Frutta Original Chocolate
  • Dolci Drizzlers White
  • Mini M&Ms or small candy


  • Heat Dolci Frutta according to the package. Dip strawberries tip first in Dolci Frutta, gently remove and place hull side down on waxed paper to dry.
  • Using a spoon, apply a small amount of Dolci Frutta to the tip of a chocolate strawberry and adhere a chocolate square on top, holding until the square until the Dolci Frutta dries. Repeat for all chocolate strawberries.
  • Heat Dolci Drizzlers Creamy White according to package. Cut a small opening in the top corner of the Drizzlers. Carefully drizzle a white chocolate dot on the center of the chocolate “caps” and drizzle a line to the corner of the cap letting a bit drizzle off. Place a mini M&M (or small candy) on the white chocolate dot and let dry. Repeat.