Spider-Man Web Berry Dessert | Wish Farms Strawberry Recipes
Spider Man Dessert

Spider-Man Web Berry Dessert

20 minutes

Fun and freakishly festive! Whether you are gearing up for Halloween or planning a Spider-Man themed soirée, making an delicious dessert with little to no effort is finally possible thanks to The Sunday Super Movement.  



  • 1 pound fresh Wish Farms strawberries
  • 1/2 cup fresh Wish Farms blackberries
  • 1/2 cup fresh Wish Farms blueberries
  • 3 tablespoons  vanilla icing
  • 1 tablespoon chocolate icing


Preparing the berries

  • Cut 3/4 of the strawberries into slices. Set aside the remaining strawberries to create the Spider-Man faces.
  • Fill the middle of a plate with blackberries and blueberries in a neat circular pile.
  • Make 2 rows of strawberry slices around the blackberries and blueberries in a “flower petal” pattern so that none of them overlap.

Creating the Spider-Man web

  • Starting from the center of the berry pile, draw eight equally spaced straight lines of vanilla icing towards the edge of the plate. There should be about 3 strawberry slices width in between each line, for reference.
  • Connect the ends of each line by drawing a curving inward line. You want to make sure the line curves towards the center of the berry pile, and not the other way around, for a proper spiderweb.
  • Continue drawing inwardly curving lines between the straight lines until you reach the center. You want the ends of each curving line to touch.

Creating the Spider-Man faces

  • Cut the tops off of your remaining strawberries.
  • Add a thick line of vanilla icing for each eye. Remember, Spider-Man’s eyes curve downward at the bottom and have a “sharp” look.
  • Outline the vanilla icing with a thin line of chocolate icing to emphasize the eyes.

Recipe Tips

  • For this recipe, we used small containers of cake frosting, such as Betty Crocker icing. To portion out the icing, you will need a piping bag. You can either buy plastic piping bags for this recipe, or use a plastic sandwich bag by filling the bag with icing in one corner and cutting the tip off of the corner to create a small hole to pipe the icing through. If you use this method, make sure to pipe carefully so the tip does not tear and become too wide.
  • You want the tip of your piping bag to be cut small, whether you use a true piping bag or a plastic baggie with a hole cut, so you can properly make the Spider-Man web decoration and easily draw his eyes.