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Delicious, nutritious freeze-dried snacks You and your family will love!

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The Shapes of Pixie Snax®

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Mom used to say: “Don’t play with your food.” Now, even she can’t resist with Pixie Snax®! Have a little fun while you eat with colorful characters like dinosaurs, turtles, stars, berries, hearts, waffles and robots! No matter what the shape, they are sure to delight your taste buds and satisfy your snack cravings.

Our Snax

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You can feel good about sharing Pixie Snax® with your family. Now it’s easier than ever to get those little ones eating healthy. With all-natural organic ingredients, Pixie Snax Fruit Crispies® pack all of the nutrition and flavor of fresh fruit without the mess of the juice. The ideal grab-and-go snack!