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Our Top Five Blog Posts for Berry Pie Recipes

A pie is a tasty dessert that finishes off any meal perfectly!  So how can you make the most delicious pie? Add some berries into the mix! We have found five recipes where bloggers use strawberries and blueberries to make amazing pies for any dinner table. Everyone will be wanting to skip dinner and move straight to dessert: an irresistible slice of berry pie!

Brown Eyed Baker

Blueberry Pie
Michelle, the creator of Brown Eyed Baker, always had a love for cooking and is completely self taught. Michelle’s blog has numerous appetizing recipes for any mood you might be in! For our berry mood, we found a delicious bluberry pie recipe! Michelle uses a splash of lemon juice to compliment the blueberries. The blueberry filling is paired with flaky crust to make this pie perfect! Follow Michelle on Twitter @BrownEyedBaker

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White on Rice Couple

Chocolate Berry Slab Pie
White on Rice Couple is a blog created by Todd and Diane. They are a lovely couple who are professional photographers and filmakers in the field of food and lifestyle. Besides this unique couple sharing artistic works on their blog, they also share some delicious recipes. One of the recipes happens to include berries in a chocolatey pie. The pie incorporates blueberries into the filling, but you could probably throw a few strawberries in as well to add to the bold berry flavor. This berry pie does not follow the typical round shape, and, therefore, has been given the name slab pie! A slice of the slab pie is impossible to pass up with chocolate chips sprinkled throughout! Follow Todd and Diane @WhiteonRice

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Love & Olive Oil

Chocolate Strawberry Oasis Pie
Lindsay and Taylor created Love & Olive Oil to share their passion for cooking. They are not professional chefs, but they enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. The recipes that they share are geared towards being fast and affordable! A pie recipe that Linsay and Taylor created uses the most delicious combination: strawberries and chocolate. The pie layers strawberries over a chocolatey crust and then covers the strawberries in a chocolate filling. This pie takes chocolate covered strawberries to the next level! Follow Lindsay and Taylor @LoveandOliveOil

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Life’s Simple Measures

Blueberry Pie Bars
Life’s Simple Measures is a blog created by a young woman who lives in the business world. However, her blog does not reflect her work life. In college, the creator of Life’s Simple Measures found baking to be a stress reliever and fell in love with it. She enjoys sharing her recipes, and we are glad she does! One of her tasty recipes makes a finger food version of a blueberry pie. All the enjoyable flavors of a blueberry pie are put into a bar! This less-messy blueberry pie is perfect for desserts on the go! Follow Life’s Simple Measure @LSMBlogg

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Short Stop Blog

The Best Strawberry Pie Ever
Sarah, creator of Short Stop Blog, uses her desire to write to share her passion of cooking and photography on her blog. Sarah posts recipes for others to enjoy at their own dinner table. One of the recipes we want to use for our dinner table is her strawberry pie recipe. She calls it The Best Strawberrt Pie Ever, so this dessert must be delicious! The refreshing taste of strawberries pleases the whole family! The pie is quite simple, with only five ingredients. This makes it a tasty treat to try even after the busiest days! Follow Sarah on Twitter @SarahGShort

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