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Our FL Farm is Still On, Even in the Off-Season

Ever wondered what goes on when the Florida strawberry season comes to an end? As much as we would love to say that our farmers are kicked back, enjoying the summer sun, that is far from the truth with the amount of work they’re getting done.

Did you know that new strawberry plants must be planted every season? Therefore, when the last juicy berry is picked for the season, farmers rush to work and begin pulling up the plastic that held the plants in place. During the season, the plant beds are raised and covered with a plastic to allow for drainage, protect the plants from weeds, and hold in nutrients- all leading to the highest quality berries possible.

Florida Strawberry Season Wish Farms Plant City


When the summer rolls around and the plastic is gone, our farmers take action pulling up the strawberry plants and replacing them with cover crops. Cover crops are vital in the process of re-supplying the soil with nutrients and protecting the soil from wind. Currently, Wish Farms strawberry fields are flourishing with gorgeous yellow sun hemp blooms until the red berries are back in November. It is truly a sight to see!

Yellow Sun Hemp Blooms FL Strawberry Off Season