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Organic Strawberries and Blueberries…

Organic strawberry plant

When You Ask…We Listen!

By using our How’s My Picking? Program –(powered by FreshQC™)  Wish Farms is able to receive consumer feedback from people all across the country who purchase our fruit.  Thousands of surveys are submitted every year with customers telling us about their experiences, good and bad, and many times people ask us questions or make suggestions to our company.  Over the course of the last season, we were noticing a common theme and that was a request for more organic product…so that’s exactly what Wish Farms granted!

After meeting with decision-makers at the company, we made the determination that Wish Farms needs to expand organic strawberry and blueberry production.  After all, these requests were coming straight from the people who purchase and enjoy our product, so we wanted to make sure their voices were heard.

Organic strawberries at Wish Farms’ flagship growing operation

With the Florida strawberry season underway, we already expect about 20% more organic production this year from last year, as well as becoming a much bigger player during this year’s Chilean blueberry season by more than doubling organic blueberry production. We’ve also decided that it’s time to start growing organic blueberries during our Florida blueberry season, which kicks off in March!

 The moral of this story is:

Never be afraid to tell us what you’re think – whether it’s good or bad – we want to know!

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