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Wish Farms Attributes Growing Decisions To Consumer Feedback

PLANT CITY, Fla. (December 12, 2012) – Wish Farms, Florida’s largest grower and shipper of strawberries and year-round supplier of blueberries, attributes some of this year’s growing decisions to consumer feedback.

Wish Farms has been utilizing FreshQC™ -How’s My Picking?™, a consumer feedback and traceability system, to connect with the people who purchase and enjoy their fruit. Thousands of people from across the nation send surveys telling about their experience, good or bad, and make suggestions to the company. One common theme in these responses has been a request for more organic product, so that’s exactly what Wish Farms granted.

“The feedback we receive through our FreshQC™ How’s My Picking?™ program is invaluable to us,” says Elizabeth Peterson, Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Wish Farms. “We want our consumers and fans to know that we are listening to their requests and that their needs influence our business decisions.”

Florida strawberry season is underway and Wish Farms expects more organic strawberries this year from last year, as well as becoming a much bigger player in organic blueberries during this year’s Chilean season.

“During the Florida blueberry season, which kicks off in March, Wish Farms has plans to start growing organic varieties.”

By soliciting consumer feedback, Wish Farms has found not only a way to connect with consumers and learn more about their needs, but also an important tool for accountability within the organization.

For more information about Wish Farms and the FreshQC™ How’s My Picking?™ program, please visit our company website (wishfarms.com) or visit us on Facebook (facebook.com/wishfarms).