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Misty’s Strawberry Bento Adventure & Gluten-Free Strawberry Cookie Recipe

Ninja Baker’s, Kim Watkinson not only created a delicious Bento idea complete with fresh fruits, veggies, and a gluten-free cookie recipe that is to die for, but she also created quite the adventure for our little Misty fans to enjoy!

This is how Ninja Baker’s Misty Strawberry Bento Adventure came to be!

Misty, The Garden Pixie wishes sweet health for kids of all ages. Always looking for yummy ways to properly nourish Wish Farms fans and their families; Misty flew from Florida to the home of her friend, the Ninja Baker. After catching up on a bit of chitchat, Misty asked the Ninja Baker if she had any ideas for a great way to deliver healthy and delicious lunches.

The Ninja Baker’s reply? “Pack a Japanese bento lunch box with lots of Wish Farms strawberries and blueberries!”

Misty is a very polite garden pixie so she refrained from rolling her eyes. “Any other suggestions, Ninja Baker?”

“Well, you could add veggies and nuts to the bento.”

The Garden Pixie was ready to flit away. This Ninja Baker was stating the obvious and wasting her time.

Suddenly, the Ninja Baker declared, “Misty, I do have a gluten-free fresh strawberry cookie recipe. No one – not even the cleverest kidlet – can tell the cookies are the good-for-you kind.”

“Oh?” Misty stopped revving up her wings to fly away.

“The cookies contain a bit of coconut and pure cane sugar. But the strawberries are the star sweeteners.”

Now, Misty the Garden Pixie was curious.

“Also, your Wish Farms fans might like a fresh strawberry sandwich,” said the Ninja Baker.  “In Japan, strawberry and mayonnaise sandwiches are VERY popular.”

Misty reminded the Ninja Baker that she prefers to deliver healthy lunch boxes. (Also, despite the Ninja Baker’s enthusiasm, the garden pixie didn’t think mayonnaise and strawberries would be yummy.)

“Right! I guess mayonnaise isn’t that great for you,” confessed the Ninja Baker. “How about low-fat cream cheese sandwiches with fresh strawberries on gluten-free bread or tortillas?”

“Mmm, might be nice,” replied Misty.

The Ninja Baker packed Misty, the Garden Pixie a Japanese bento box filled with fruits, veggies, nuts, gluten-free strawberry sandwiches and cookies. Misty was glad she had ventured outside Florida to visit her friend, the Ninja Baker. The bento box was scrumptious.

 Here’s the how-to on the Ninja Baker’s gluten-free bento:

Cut out hearts (or whatever shape your child’s heart desires) with mini cookie cutters from thinly sliced gluten-free bread or tortillas. Slather sides of the cut-outs with cream cheese. Place smidgeons of fresh strawberry bits on top of the cream cheese.

Line the bottom of a bento box with blueberries. Add sliced green peppers and whole strawberries. Remember to leave room for the yummy strawberry sandwiches and gluten-free cookies.

Of course, feel free to mix and match veggies and sandwiches in a way that makes your child smile.

 Here’s the recipe for the Gluten-Free Strawberry Cookies.



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