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July’s Berrytastic Recipe Favorites

Our good friends over at Produce for Kids compiled their very own list of their favorite 30 Berrytastic Recipes for Summer.

Summer is the perfect time to get your fill of fresh Wish Farms berries and we were so excited to explore the list! Below you will see a couple of our favorites from the list.

Which ones would you choose?

Berrytastic Fiesta Salsa Wish Farms Strawberries
Strawberry Fiesta Salsa

We are OBSESSED with this salsa! Sweet with just a small hint of spice with the crispy crunch of cinnamon sugar pita chips. Need we say more?

Berrytastic Banana Homemade Ice Cream Wish Farms

Homemade “Ice Cream” that the kids can make with you! Antioxidants with no added sugar makes this the best treat ever.

Berrytastic Cheesecake Fruit Dip Wish Farms Strawberries

Kids (and adults too) LOVE to dip! Create the perfect snack with fresh fruit, cream cheese and fruit juice.


Wish Farms blueberry pretzel crisps

Finally an easy, fun and healthy after school snack the kids will actually want to eat! Sweet and nutty with a salty crunch!

We couldn’t be more obsessed with this smoothie bowl! It is as delicious as it is absolutely gorgeous.