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Wish Farms Strawberry Picking Contest

February 7-8th, Wish Farms plans to host our 1st Annual Bright House Networks Strawberry Picking Challenge. 

Strawberry Picking
Strawberry Picking


On February  7th a kick-off dinner is scheduled at TPepin’s Hospital[bulletlist][/bulletlist]ity Center in east Tampa for all the Sponsors and “Strawberry Picking Challenge Relay competitors,” that will surely inspire attendees to be in the ‘athletic mind-set’!





February 8th is when the real fun begins!

This is a fun and ‘deliciously sweet’ local family event based in Plant City designed to benefit the Redlands Christian Migrant Association. (RCMA benefits the families of  low-income migrant family workers and their children to ensure quality education and life conditions.)

Loving Strawberries
Loving Strawberries


What can you expect from this event? 

  1. Watch a Strawberry picking relay competition
  2. Jam out to awesome tunes with Radio Disney
  3. Games and Activities
  4. Strawberry Shortcake
  5. Get up close to antique and historic tractors and barn for a family picture
  6. Buy strawberries at Misty the Garden Pixie’s Post (you may just get to meet her!)
  7. And so much more!


CLICK HERE to read the article on the event published in the ‘Packer’ Written by Doug Ohlemeier

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