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How to Make your Blackberries Last Longer

You just picked up a container of fresh blackberries at your local grocery store… yum! You can’t wait to devour those sweet berries, packed with all the antioxidants your heart desires and your body needs.  But wait, did you know they last 3-7 days when you leave the grocery store? This fruit, so powerful in it’s flavor and nutrition, requires specific steps to keep them at their freshest. Make your 3 day expiration date turn into 7 by following these tips!

Here are our top 3 tips to keeping your blackberries yummy and fresh.

1. Choose your blackberries wisely

  • ensure that you are grabbing a package free of dents and mushed berries from the refrigerated section.
  • The package should also be dry and clean. Any sign of water in there is a recipe for disaster!

2. Rinse your blackberries just before consuming

  • Many people love to take home their produce and do one full rinsing session before placing into their fridge. This simply cannot be done with blackberries because they absorb water.
  • Wet berries will have an accelerated rate of decomposition.
  • Instead, rinse them right before eating. If you can wait, allow the berries to adjust to room temperature. This allows your berries to be much much sweeter!

3. Keep blackberries in the fridge

  • If the cold chain is broken, your blackberries are going to get decay much faster! Always keep your berries in your fridge. No exceptions!

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