Florida Strawberries are Coming Early - Wish Farms
Wish Farms U-Pick Photo

Florida Strawberries are Coming Early

Usually, Florida Strawberries are in low volume this time of year; however, this year, that is not the case.

Gary Wishnatzki, President and Chief Executive officer of Wish Farms operations expects promotable volume to begin this week!

“The berries are here. There are enough berries to do truckloads now,” Wishnatzki said in early December. “Because of the record heat, we got off to a quick start this year. The industry is a good two weeks ahead of last year.”

The Florida Strawberry Season is off to a good start. While warm weather can bring berries quicker, the berries will ripen quicker and will be on the smaller side.

We hope for cooler weather so berries can grow much bigger in size, but in the meantime, enjoy all the delicious Florida Strawberries you can eat!– We’ve got plenty!

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