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Florida Citrus blog FFVA

Florida Citrus by the Numbers

While Wish Farms focuses on our delicious strawberries, blueberries and now blackberries…we can’t help but give a little shoutout to the great Sunshine state of Florida and its contribution to our nation with its citrus crops!

Florida Citrus blog FFVA BY WISH FARMS

With the help of the Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, U.S Department of Agriculture, and FFVA or the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, We are able to supply  the statistics to you.

Florida Citrus blog FFVA

Did you know the Florida alone contributes about 59% of the citrus production in the entire U.S? That’s about $1.7 billion dollars!

Statewide, the economic impact of Florida Citrus is $10.7 BILLION! In addition, the amount of jobs that it provides is about 62,313.

Florida Citrus blog FFVA

Florida Citrus is keeping a lot of people in work and loving it!

Florida Citrus blog FFVA

Some other crops that Florida dominates in are:


Snap Beans


Sugar Cane



and Watermelons!


Stay tuned for more exciting info blogs supplied by FFVA!