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Florida Blueberry Season is Officially Here

The popularity of blueberries in recent years is undeniable.  Not only are blueberries the perfect ingredient to many recipes, they are also a super-food rich in essential vitamins. With a plentiful amount Vitamin C, blueberries are ranked among the fruits with the highest antioxidant content. Not to mention, they are a naturally sweet treat with only about 80 calories per cup. How could you not love a snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth AND boost your immune system at the same time?! Take a look at all the nutritional facts below!

The most exciting part about all of this? Now you can get all your blues fresh from Florida!

While the Florida blueberry season is a fairly short one, the mid-March to late May time frame is truly a time to celebrate all the delicious blues you can get your hands on. If you’re like us and like to ‘stock up’, go right ahead! You can eat them now, cook them in recipes, preserve them in jam, or freeze them for later (they last up to a year frozen)! 


After being hand-picked, blueberries are sorted with the help of a packing line. So that only the best get to your table.

When choosing the perfect package of sweet blueberries, always be sure to look for berries that are:

  • Stored in a refrigerated display case in the produce department
  • Are a plump and round shape; size will vary and does not reflect the freshness
  • Blueberries in a clean and dry container
  • Blueberries free of shrivel, dents, or bruises

Wish Farms offers both conventional and organic varieties of blueberries that can be found at your local grocery store. To find a full list of where you can buy your favorite Florida blueberries, click here.