Breaking Ground for Future Generations of Sweetness - Wish Farms

Breaking Ground for Future Generations of Sweetness

New and exciting things are coming to Plant City, FL; the home of Wish Farms.

We are so thrilled to unveil our new tagline: Generations of Sweetness.

“These three words perfectly meld our company’s tradition of family and mission to provide the best tasting berries. Additionally, it resonates with consumers, as parents and grandparents share the love of berries with their children and grandchildren,” said Amber Maloney, Director of Marketing.

Our new berry labels will showcase this tagline and will be coming out soon!

The tagline update coincides with our groundbreaking of our new three-story, 24,000 square foot office for our expanding operation. Construction of the 130,000 square foot warehouse and cooling facility is scheduled for completion in January 2020. Third and fourth generation family members were all in attendance commemorating the memorable groundbreaking event.

“Along with my sister Elizabeth and our spouses, James Peterson and Stephen Cramer, we are proud to work for our family business and carry on its rich legacy,” said Nick Wishnatzki, Marketing Project Manager. “This is an exciting moment for everyone at Wish Farms; we are all looking forward to a bright future.”

The office is due to be occupied by staff in September 2020. Among other things, it will feature an indoor grove of trees, an adult-sized slide, a tree house conference room and employee gym. Now that’s a fun place to work!

Third generation owner, Gary Wishnatzki, started working as a dock hand for his father and uncle in 1974: “When my grandfather Harris arrived at Ellis Island from Russia in 1904, he could never have imagined what his American dream would become one-hundred-and-fifteen years later. It brings me great pride to know that my children and their families will continue carrying the torch.”

We are so excited for this new adventure and are looking forward to yet another generation of sweetness.